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Lemon Kush


Lemon Kush is used medically on a frequent basis because it is an easy going high with significant healing ability. Lemon Kush can be used to help those with anxiety and depression regulate their mood. This weed produces a mild euphoria and relief from anxiety and aches and pains. This can greatly improve depression and dysphoric mood states. This is a weed that can be effective for beginners, it has a smooth, candy taste, and does not produce a high which is difficult to handle.


Medically, this weed can be prescribed for seizures and Parkinson’s. It can even improve pain in multiple sclerosis. It is often used medically and recreationally to help deal with the normal stressors of the day and conditions like lack of appetite, nausea, and insomnia. It can provide relief without the threat of getting too stimulated or too relaxed to be unable to function.

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